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The success of our industry will come from our future financial leaders.

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Connecting today's

financial leaders

with tomorrow’s financial professionals.

Link to the Future gives college juniors and seniors pursuing a finance, economics or a similar business degree the opportunity to attend professional conferences and interact with successful financial professionals and industry leaders.

Program Overview

Link to the Future is a program designed to connect today's financial leaders with tomorrow's financial professional.

By attending a Link to the Future program, you will get a chance to meet up, learn and grow your knowledge of the financial advisory profession and network with advisors from acorss the nation.



Seeing other women financial advisors and women in this industry has been really empowering because I know it is a very male-dominated profession. The women here have been very helpful and shown me that is not an obstacle I should be afraid of.

Hanna Puetz

This event has really opened my eyes to what I didn't know coming into this. It’s given me the tools I need to do a little bit more research as I prepare for my transition in entering into the industry.

Anthony Stoll

Link to the Future has so far met all of my standards. Everything I wanted to do, I seem to have accomplished here, and I got to meet a lot of great people and learned a lot of great things from people that I never would have connected to if I wouldn't have attended this.

Kyle Stottlemyre

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