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Link to the Future is a program designed to connect today's financial leaders with tomorrow’s financial professionals. 

Did you know financial advice is expected to become one of the faster-growing fields over the next decade? Waves of retiring baby boomers needing financial planning guidance and large numbers of current financial professionals expected to retire in the near future will create a growing demand for years to come.   

Link to the Future seeks to cultivate the next generation of financial professionals by providing college students across the country who are interested in entering the financial advice profession with funding and access to industry events, as well as potential mentoring relationships with established financial professionals and home office executives. The success of the program is rooted through the enterprise-wide initiative and is sponsored across the board by Ladenburg and the company's five independent advisory and brokerage (IAB) subsidiaries. Students from the conference area and daughters and sons of financial professionals who may have their parents’ passion for the profession are particularly encouraged to apply.